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Reviews of Complete Phlebotomy Training

“Taking the phlebotomy course as CPT, Inc. has been a huge success for me as a third semester nursing student!  It’s given me a solid foundation for understanding the concept and process of blood draws and an immense boost of confidence prior to having to personally perform blood draws and IV starts this semester!  The staff at CPT, Inc. was especially helpful and exceptionally knowledgeable. I would recommend this course to EVERYONE!  Thank you CPT, Inc.!”

Dori, Sun City, Ca

“I would like to say that CPT is the best, the instructors are top-notch, I loved this course.”

Debbie, 26, Hemet

“I started at another school and was dissatisfied. After I transferred to CPT I can honestly say that this program is far superior to other phlebotomy schools in content, instructors and knowledge gained.”

Mark, 34, Menifee

“I didn’t have a career until I started phlebotomy training at CPT. They gave me the knowledge and the  ability to pursue a profession that I love.”

Becka, 27, Hemet

“After multiple other professions, I began my training with the staff at CPT. They are very professional, complete and dedicated to detail and upholding high standards. I highly recommend this school.”

Tonia, 33, Menifee

I am “very pleased with their instructions and guidance. Their attitude was awesome. They are very professional. (I am) very happy with the whole experience and will highly recommend this school. (I am) real confident in going out and performing. Thank you (for) a wonderful experience and for being extremely helpful.”

Heather, 29, Hemet

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